Frank Skinner: A Doctor Who Action Figure?

Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner (c) BBC


Frank Skinner could possibly be making is debute as a Doctor Who action figure in the release of new figures for Series 8. The comedian has wanted to be on the show for a very long time and said this year he finally saw that dream come true. But he revealed to a recent edition of his Saturday morning radio show for Absolute Radio  (podcast link) that the toy making people had photographed him ‘just in case.’

“This guy said, ‘I need to take your photo’, so I had to stand in front of this white screen in my costume, which obviously I can’t describe, and I was photographed in the round – so I had to turn around a little bit, turn around a little bit. I said, ‘What was that for?’ He said, ‘That was just in case you are an action figure.’ I’m not saying I will be but I think that is every man’s ambition to be an action figure.”

So would this mean that Skinners part, might be bigger then we thought? Or is photographing all the actors just common practice for the toy makers?

Skinner had to miss his sons birthday in order to film the senes for his Doctor Who role, but made up for it in a big way when Peter Capaldi recorded a personal message to his son wishing him a happy birthday.

 “It’s of Peter Capaldi stepping out of the TARDIS holding up a sign that says, ‘Happy birthday, Buzz.’ I shall send him that every year for the rest of (My) life”  he said. 

Frank Skinner was born on January 28, 1957 in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England as Christopher Graham Collins. He is a writer and actor, known for Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned (2000), Room 101 (1994) and Frank Skinner Live inBirmingham (1998). He choose the name Frank Skinner after a man on his faters dominos team.

Skinner will make an appearance on Doctor Who series 8 this year alongside Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi and possibly bring with him a new toy for our collections!


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